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semi-overcast 16 °C

The day has finally arrived! In true Minnesota fashion, the temperatures linger around 15 degrees accompanied by light flurries. I would dress accordingly....but what would be the fun in that :) Can't wait to see Sandra and catch up on the past eight years!

Thank you family and friends for your endless support and encouragement. I have taken your words of wisdom to heart. I promise to take LOTS of pictures.

Well this is my last blog from the states. Next time I will be in South Africa!

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About two weeks out!

[i] I can hardly believe it....in about two weeks I will meeting up with a friend that I haven't seen in about 8 years. I dream every night about my upcoming adventure. Within a week I will begin the task of packing.....as you may know I have too many shoes and not enough luggage space....so I guess I will have to down size :)

I have an endless list of the people/sights/sounds/smells that I anticipate seeing. On the other hand there are a handful of things I am HOPING that I will not have the pleasure of sharing a room with.

1. Spiders big enough that if hit by a tennis racket would just anger it
2. Spiders big enough that if maced would only slow it down
3. Spiders big enough to be seen 20 yards away
4. Spiders that I don't see
5. Spiders that like sleeping in shoes
6. Spiders that wait to scare me
7. Centipedes
8. Millipedes
9. Poisonous snakes
10. Angry snakes what like to squeeze little furry animals
11. Bats

12. Box jelly fish (poisonous)

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